Dahon NuWave Ultra Slim Bicycle.

Dahon introduces the NuWave Ultra Slim Bicycle

The Dahon NuWave Ultra Slim Bicycle is innovative

Dahon, the world leader in folding bicycles just introduced some new and innovative technology. This new technology is going to revolutionize “Green Mobility” as we know it. Unlike traditional folding bicycles, the NuWave Ultra Slim Bicycle doesn’t use a hinge in the main frame to fold. Instead it uses an innovative folding mechanism on both the seat post and handlebars. This new folding technology makes the whole bike feel much stronger and stiffer. And when a folding bicycle is stronger, it also makes it much safer. There’s no locking hinges to worry about adjusting or replacing. What you get is a bicycle that rides exactly the same as a non-folding bicycle while still being portable.

The Dahon NuWave Ultra Slim Bicycle is super portable

The NuWave Ultra Slim Bicycle folds just as wide as the seat. Plus has little wheels built into the back rack. This impressive design allows you to easily roll the bicycle when folded. And when you ride on public transportation, it’s ultra slim design easily fits between tight spaces. It also can fit into the trunk of any car. And when being stored, can be stood up on the back wheel, taking up even less space.

I’m very impressed and excited about the NuWave Ultra Slim Bicycle. As soon as I saw it, I couldn’t wait to share the news. I like how it has a very solid frame with a very attractive design. And a fast and innovative fold that makes it much lighter and easier to transport than a regular folding bicycle.

The NuWave Ultra Slim Bicycle also comes in three different sizes. There’s the fourteen inch. Sixteen inch. And the standard twenty inch. Personally, I’d choose the fourteen inch version due to it’s incredible portability while still having an exceptional ride.

All photos, videos and information provided in this post was used with Permission granted by Dahon folding bicycles. To find out more about this amazing company and superb products please visit their website at Dahon.com. You can also see the original video by clicking Here.

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