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What Size Dahon Folding Bicycle Is Best?

What size Dahon folding bicycle is best? This is the question everyone has when buying their first folding bicycle.


At first my knowledge about the different brands, models, and sizes was very limited.


I’d never seen a folding bicycle before in my home town, Rochester, New York.



Dahon Mariner

Ordinary bicycles locked to rusty old poles were the norm. You just hoped it was still there when you came back out.


Folding Bicycle Information Was Lacking

The bike shops weren’t very helpful either. All they stock in the shop is your standard, hybrid, mountain and of course, road bicycles.


There was nobody who could give me expert information about this amazing type of bicycle.


When I turned to the internet, it was even worse. Every website and forum that I visited had a so-called expert that knew everything about folding bicycles.


Complaints were common about how hard they were to ride up hills or which brand to buy.


Many advised that folding bicycles were worthless due to issues with quality and riding comfort.


Dahon Folding Bicycles Are Reputable

If all this information were true, then why were reputable companies such as Dahon still in business after 30 years?


The problem is that there are thousands of folding bicycle manufacturers producing folding bicycles for a very cheap price.


This may seem like a great bargain – until problems start to occur.


All the components will need constant adjustment.


The cheap tires will constantly go flat.


And your frame most likely will snap in half.


A man riding a Dahon folding bicycle.
A man riding a Dahon folding bicycle.

Dahon Folding Bikes Have High Safety Standards

Dahon Folding bicycles have catches to secure them when folded.


Are incredibly light to carry.


And the frames won’t crumble underneath you.


Dahon folding bicycles meet all the strict safety standards required to make them safe.


They have been in the business for over thirty years, with over two hundred patents.


A folding bicycle from Dahon will have top-notch quality.


Will last you for years, and ride just as good as a regular sized bicycle.



Choose The Right Size Dahon Folding Bicycle

Dahon makes many types of bicycles for different purposes, with different wheel sizes to fit those needs.


Dahon has you covered when it comes to these needs.


I’m going to tell you the facts about these folding bicycles so that you can make the best decision based upon your needs.


Sixteen-Inch Dahon Folding Bicycles

Sixteen inch wheeled Dahon folding bicycles are the most compact.


They are great for round trips of a few miles or less.


Also, they can fit into the smallest places, both at work and home.


Plus they are very light to carry onto public transportation.


Riding the Dahon curl folding bicycle.
Riding the Dahon curl folding bicycle.


Most sixteen-inch folding bicycles have one to three gears meant for short distances and modest hills.


This makes them easy to maintain but not very fast.


Dahon recently introduced the Dahon Curl.


It has an eight-speed internal geared hub and folds very small.


Constantly innovating and evolving, Dahon has been known to break all the rules.


For me, this is the perfect sized folding bicycle.


My commute doesn’t have any steep hills, and I love combining my trip with public transportation.


Of course, they are usually more expensive than the twenty-inch models.


Due to their small size, they need more custom parts.


Twenty-Inch Dahon Folding Bicycles

Twenty-inch Dahon folding bicycles have bigger frames, wheels, and usually better for taller riders.


Most of the time, they have more gears, making them more suitable for climbing steep hills.


You can still fold them for storage at home and work. And they are still allowed on all types of public transportation.


It’s just important to know that these bicycles will usually ride better with the extra benefit of folding.


They just aren’t as compact as the sixteen-inch models.


Riding very fast on a twenty inch Dahon folding bicycle.
Riding very fast on a twenty inch Dahon folding bicycle.

Dahon Makes The Best Folding Bicycles Overall

After test riding many different models from Dahon, I can honestly say, Dahon makes the best folding bicycle for the best price.


There’s a reason they’re the market leader in folding bicycles.


With more patents and innovation than any other folding bicycle manufacturer in the world, you’re sure to get a great folding bicycle in any size that rides great, and has long-term durability.




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