Margarita pizza at aunt rosies Italian cafe.

Customer Service Issues At Aunt Rosie’s Cafe

I Ordered Two Margherita Pizza’s From Aunt Rosie’s Cafe

It was a Thursday afternoon, and I was about to get off from work in a half an hour. For lunch I called, and ordered two Margherita Pizza’s from Aunt Rosie’s Cafe.

Aunt rosies Italian cafe sign.
Aunt rosies Italian cafe sign.

I figured that by time we rode to Aunt Rosie’s on Main Street, and got seated, both pizza’s would be ready.

Me And Louie Headed To Aunt Rosie’s Cafe In The Fat Buick

It was a very busy day at work. We had zillions of customers. And I was working all alone.

During all the non stop action, I totally forgot about the time. It wasn’t until Louie Pulled onto the lot, that I realized it was time to go.

After clocking out, I ran out the door faster than when Forest Gump was playing football.

I hopped into the big fat Buick, quickly slammed the door, and both of us rode off faster than bank robbers in a get away car.

Side window of aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Side window of aunt rosies Italian cafe.

With wheels squealing, the fat Buick swayed side to side. Within minutes, we were at Aunt Rosie’s Cafe on Main Street, in Downtown Rochester, New York.

We Entered Aunt Rosie’s On A Mission To Destroy All Margherita Pizza’s

Our eyes were bulging. Tongues were hanging. And mouths were watering like waterfalls.

Me and Louie were on a secret mission, to destroy any Margherita pizza that came into sight.

Front doors of aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Front doors of aunt rosies Italian cafe.

As we entered through the two big glass doors, a young, friendly lady immediately seated us.

Louie and I explained that we already made reservations to dine in, and ordered two Margherita Pizza’s with mushrooms and black olives.

And then, out of nowhere, all the customer service issues magically came to life.

Our Two Margherita Pizza’s Weren’t Ready, And There Was A Long Wait

Stumbling on her words with a scared look on her face, the waitress gave the dreaded news.

Both our Margherita Pizza’s were not ready, and there was a long wait before they were finished.

She must have seen the shocked, animalistic look in our eyes, because she immediately apologized.

After disappearing for a few minutes, she returned and made it very clear, that the manager was very sorry. He was even giving us free house salads and coffee to make up for it.

That Time When We Went To A Restaurant And Were Treated Worse Than Cinderella

Have you ever went to a restaurant and treated like Cinderella? I have, and will never go back to that restaurant again.

When we walked through the door, there was no hostess to greet us. Instead of taking care of customers, the hostess was nonchalantly standing in the corner, talking to some guy.

After waiting for about 5 minutes, I finally lost patience and called her over.

She acted like she wasn’t interested in doing her job, and walked over at a turtles pace.

After being seated, our waitress never came over to take our order. Instead, she stood close to the kitchen area, socializing with the other waitresses.

When she did leave the kitchen area, she was either hanging out with customers she knew, or waited on the ones who arrived after us.

Again, I had to make a bunch of noise to get attention. If I had a megaphone, I definitely would have used it.

Eventually, we did get our orders taken, and it took so long I thought I’d be ready to shave again by time it arrived.

But here’s the most frustrating part. All of our orders were completely wrong, and our waitress never came back with our drinks, or check to see if we needed anything.

What really puzzled us, was when the owner told us we were complaining, and wasn’t going to do anything to make it right.

I can assure you, we never went back to that place again, and as a matter of fact, every time we drive past the place it’s looking a little empty.

Call it an assumption, but I’m thinking that other customers also got tired of using their megaphones, and started going to other places.

The Manager At Aunt Rosie’s Cafe Was Honest And Took Full Responsible For The Customer Service Issues

Louie and I are certified, over the top, no nonsense, completely head over heels pizza lovers.

When it comes to pizza, it better be top notch, or we’re going to go more ape than a gorilla at Seneca Park Zoo. So take that you nasty pizza ruining villains.

The manager at Aunt Rosie’s Cafe pleasantly surprised us. He not only apologized in person, but also took full responsibility for the bad customer service.

Pizza boxes inside aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Pizza boxes inside aunt rosies Italian cafe.

He explained that they got busy, and couldn’t keep up with the orders.

In order to make everything right, he gave us free house salads and coffee’s.

Table inside aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Table inside aunt rosies Italian cafe.

He also made sure that the waitress came over more often, to see how everything was, and if we need anything, such as refills on our coffee’s.

Inside view of aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Inside view of aunt rosies Italian cafe.

Those Margherita Pizza’s Made Our Taste Buds Sing Louder Than An Opera Singer

Do you know what’s worse than lousy customer service? It’s waiting a long time for horrible pizza.

Never, do I go to commercial chain pizza shops. The pizza usually is made with cheap processed ingredients, and has more oil that drips all into the box, than your car sitting in your oil stained driveway.

I find it to not only be disgusting and messy, it tends to taste like the complete garbage that it is. In fact, you’d be better off buying one of those frozen monstrosities known as, Digiorno.

If that’s the kind of thing that you like, I say to each their own. I hope you enjoy the taste of cardboard, and cheep cheese and sauce loaded with 50 thousand milligrams of salt.

Plus, you better have a good set of rubber gloves to keep your hands from getting slippery, from all the dripping grease.

Aunt Rosie’s Margherita pizza’s were the complete opposite. The crusts were wood fire cooked, and topped with a homemade sauce, that was simmered for many hours.

Margarita pizza at aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Margarita pizza at aunt rosies Italian cafe.

The cheeses were all natural and unprocessed, and topped off with real tomatoes, oven roasted mushrooms cooked in olive oil, and of course, black olives.

Everything that we ordered on our Margherita pizza’s was actiually there. They even brought out real shredded cheese, so that we could sprinkle it onto our pizza’s.

Half of margarita pizza left at aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Half of margarita pizza left at aunt rosies Italian cafe.

The best part of course, was that we didn’t have to use vice grips to hold onto our slices of pizza, because magically, there was no dripping grease.

I’d definitely have to rate the Margherita pizza’s we had at Aunt Rosie’s Cafe, very high. The crust was cooked to a perfect crisp, and everything tasted very fresh, and exploded in our mouths with tons of flavor.

What Would Entice Us To Go Back To Aunt Rosie’s Cafe For More Customer Service And Margherita Pizza Punishment?

No matter what type of business you run, you’re going to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and customers really don’t expect that.

The manager at Aunt Rosie’s Cafe understands what customer service is all about.

He knew that they messed up, and instead of lying or ignoring the situation, he addressed it.

Cabinet inside aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Cabinet inside aunt rosies Italian cafe.

I have to admit, I was a little upset with the situation, but after he explained what happened, and showed that he truly was working to fix the problem, I was willing to forgive them.

Plus, the Margherita pizza’s were phenomenal, and they went above and beyond with fixing the customer service issues by offering free house salads and coffee’s.

Looking out window at aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Looking out window at aunt rosies Italian cafe.

Customers like us don’t like to be treated stupid, and when he talked to us like intelligent human beings, he not only made things right, but also convinced us to return at a future date.

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