A bag of New York Potato chips.
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Potato Chips That Became King Of New York

New York Potato Chips Are Royalty

There he sat upon his throne, in the future site of the Empire State Building. King Marquart was a hero for saving the city from starvation. It was a bad year for growing crops, due to the bad weather conditions and bugs. Pesticides weren’t invented yet,  and many residents knew absolutely nothing about agriculture.

The Marquart Family Owns New York Chips

If you believed the story about the King, I’m sorry but it just isn’t true. The truth is that the Marquart Family in Gainesville, New York are the ones who deserve the credit. Using the best environmental practices by using bio fuels, and proper water usage, they make a darn good potato chip. These things are so thick and wavy, you could use them as a shield.

Maybe we’ll forget about this imaginary King, and just elect the Marquart family. Besides, they do contribute to the community, similar to Robin Hood, except they don’t steal. Instead, everything is done through fundraisers. Still, I think it would have been hilarious seeing the whole family dressed in tights. And instead of having bows and arrows, catapults with gigantic bags of potato chips. It would definitely be raining potato chips upon the hungry crowds.

New York Potato chips on store shelf.
New York Potato chips on store shelf.

New York Chips Did What?

While I did miss the Potato chip catapult event, I did receive a giant bag of potato chips for writing this review. This was an a very pleasant surprise that I appreciated very much. When I was about to write this review, I contacted the Marquart Family to make sure it was okay. Small companies like this work very hard to manufacture high quality products, and go through great lengths to maintain their reputation.

It took many years to create a loyal customer base, and establish their brand. After the very positive interaction with them, and the free bag of avocado potato chips, I think I’ll be a loyal customer too.

How Do New York Chips Taste?

I know what you must be saying by now. Where’s the part of the review that explains how they taste? Ok, I won’t keep you guessing any longer.

Description on back of New York potato chip bag.
Description on back of New York potato chips bag.

New York Potato Chips aren’t made with too many ingredients. There’s only a few listed on the nutrition chart, and I believe this is the reason why they taste so great. It states that there’s no artificial ingredients or colors. And only the freshest potatoes  along with the most natural oils are used to cook them to perfection.

Bar-b-que New York chips in bowl.
Bar-b-que New York potato chips in bowl.

New York Potato Chips are cut very thick and have an amazing crunch. These potato chips literally blow up like hand grenades, with flavor shrapnel flying everywhere. They do come in a few different flavors. There’s the sea salt, avocado, and of course the barbecue, which happens to be my favorite

About the Marquart Family on back of New York potato chips bag.
About the Marquart Family on back of New York potato chips bag.

Be The King Of Your Own New York Chips

The Marquart Family was a real pleasure to meet and interact with. They responded back in a very timely manner. And they were very patient and cooperative with answering all my questions. I was also very appreciative of the free bag of potato chips that they sent. It gave me the chance to try out a completely different flavor that I would have otherwise, never considered.

Not only would I recommend New York Potato Chips for their quality, and taste. I’d also recommend them for their commitment to the environment and the communities around them. Now set forth and become the King or Queen of your own bag of New York Potato Chips. And don’t forget to check out their impressive website.

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