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Conquering “The Last Mile”!

Public Transportation Creates “The Last Mile” Problem

Bring up the topic of public transportation and two things immediately come to mind. Buses and trains. This is very understandable because they are the oldest form of transportation. And they have been the most accessible. Plus, for people who don’t own a vehicle, the most affordable. While both of these forms of transportation offer many benefits to commuters, it presents one huge problem. This problem is known as “The Last Mile”.

Inside terminal area at transit center
Inside terminal area at transit center

“The Last Mile” occurs when the bus or train doesn’t bring you all the way to your desired destination. Not too long ago, this problem happened to me while staying in River Edge, New Jersey. An emergency came up and I had to drop some keys off to a location in Orangeburg, New York. I had to hop on the train at New Bridge Landing and get off at the Pearl River Station.

The issue was that I had three more miles to go to reach my final destination. At the time I had no access to a car, and didn’t have my Brompton Folding Bicycle with me. The only option I had available at the time was a taxi cab, which was expensive for a five minute ride. It was either pay it, or walk for an hour. Fortunately, I got a ride on my way back to the bus stop, not too far from the Pearl River Train Station.

Folding Bicycles Versus “The Last Mile” Issue

Today was another perfect example of how often I deal with “The Last Mile” problem. I took the bus to Downtown Rochester, New York and had to finish the rest of my journey with my A-Bike. This is the lightest and most compact Folding Bicycle in the world. I use to bring my Brompton Folding Bicycle on the bus, but due to how close some of the seats are, the Brompton isn’t always slim enough. When the bus got full, I’d end up standing the whole way.

Sinclair A-Bike
Sinclair A-Bike

The A-Bike is a great solution for going short distances, but still has a few disadvantages. It can be very tricky and aggravating if you don’t know the proper procedure to fold it. And it can be tough to go up slight inclines, especially on windy days. Plus getting parts and support is impossible. Basically, when the A-Bike has any major problems, you can count on just throwing it out.

Kick Scooters Are “The Last Mile” Solution

Kick scooters can be the perfect solution to “The Last Mile” problem. They are lighter then any Folding Bicycle, including the A-Bike. And are so slim, they can fit anywhere. Kick Scooters just haven’t been as popular as Folding Bicycles due to the following beliefs. Many adults see them as just kids toys. Or think they are slow like the old fashioned ones that they grew up with.

Modern Kick Scooters are nothing like the old fashioned ones we all remember, and aren’t just for kids anymore. Kick Scooters now have wide decks, able to accommodate two adult feet. They also have bigger wheels with high quality bearings that provide low rolling resistance. And some even have a back and front brake such as my Xootr MG Scooter. For trips of a few miles or less, nothing beats my Xootr MG Scooter.

Xootr scooter mg folded.
Xootr scooter mg folded.

Fortunately, many adults are starting to realize the benefits of combining a Kick Scooter with their bus or train commute. Lately I’m seeing more being used for urban commuting and there’s a good reason for this. They are very light, with some weighing only five pounds such as the Micro Sprite Kick Scooter. This makes them very easy to carry onto public transportation. And because of their super compact size, can be stored anywhere such as a school or gym locker. Plus if you want to travel, can easily be brought onto a plane without paying extra fees.


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Conquering “The Last Mile” Can Be Cheap And Easy

What I like most about Kick Scooters are how affordable they are and easy to maintain. My Xootr MG Scooter for example is way cheaper than a Folding Bicycle. And parts are more affordable and easier to install. There’s not much that can go wrong. While more popular choices such as Folding Bicycles are better for going longer distances, Kick Scooters are the cheaper, lighter and more compact option for combining public transportation with portability. And seeing that most commutes are usually a few miles or less, there’s never a need to pay for expensive taxi cabs. From my experience using Adult Kick Scooters, they are the best way to conquer “The Last Mile” problem.


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