Handlebar shaft on front of Micro Sprite kick-scooter.

City Adventures With Amazing Micro Sprite kick Scooter.

Why Micro Kick Scooters Are King

Micro brand kick scooters was the first brand I considered when purchasing my first adult kick scooter.  At first it was very difficult deciding upon which brand to choose. There seems to be thousands of different adult kick scooters on the market. I was also concerned that an adult kick scooter might be too slow for commuting.


Full view of Micro Sprite kick scooter.
Full view of Micro Sprite kick scooter.


My attitude towards adult kick scooters started to change after seeing many adults starting to use them. Plus my favorite bike shop in New York City, NYCEWheels had many excellent reviews on both their online store and YouTube channel. I trust this bike shop because they thoroughly test and sell the ones that pass all their rigorous tests. Even Hugh Jackman, the actor rides one around Manhattan New York with his daughter.


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The Micro Sprite Kick Scooter Is Outstanding

The model I bought is the Micro Sprite kick scooter. It’s one of their highest rated models because of it’s compact size and durability. At first I was skeptical, thinking that it’s small size would be a huge hindrance on it’s ridibility. It didn’t take long before I fell in love with this tiny versatile kick scooter. This kick scooter feels very stable when riding over rough surfaces and bumps. Made out of high quality, solid rubber, the wheels absorb bumps, and roll very fast.


Micro black sprite kick scooter folded.
Micro black sprite kick scooter folded.


Micro also went all out with the details on the Micro Sprite kick scooter. The paint job is perfect, and all the locking mechanisms work flawlessly. There’s no unnecessary flex in the streamlined deck, making it very efficient while kicking. You can definitely gain some considerable speed. Also the back foot brake works extremely well.


Deck on Micro Sprite kick-scooter.
Deck on Micro Sprite kick-scooter.

Micro Kick Scooters Are Addictive

When my dad first saw the Micro Sprite kick scooter he was very skeptical. But when he tried it, that all disappeared when he discovered what this hidden rocket on wheels could do. Within a few days, an incredible Micro Sprite kick scooter in green arrived at his doorstep. We both turned into kick scooting maniacs while testing their limits. My dad loves his kick scooter so much that he’s become very obsessed with it.


I never knew how loved the Micro brand was until I was in River Edge, New Jersey. On a train at New Bridge Landing, an elderly Asian man had the same kick scooter as me. We got talking, and both agreed that the Micro Sprite kick scooter was the easiest for carrying on a train. You could tell by the enthusiasm in his voice that he truly loved his kick scooter.


Micro Customer Service And Quality Is Top Notch

Micro is the biggest kick scooter company in the world with the most models and accessories to choose from. Their kick scooters have top notch quality, with an outstanding warranty and customer service. It’s amazing how they can offer such great prices for such outstanding kick scooters. But than again they are the biggest kick scooter company in the world.


Also remember that they offer all kinds of accessories to make your kick scooting experience even more enjoyable, ranging from lights, carry straps, travel bags, and of course lots of extras for the kids to customize their kick scooters in unlimited ways.


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Micro Scooters is the largest kick scooter company in the world with world class scooters designed in Switzerland for the whole family. They make many models suited for kids, teens and even adults. You can check out their amazing company at MicroKickboard.com.

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