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Citizen Tokyo Named Best Value Folding Bicycle

Is the Citizen Tokyo named after Little Tokyo? I’m not really sure but here’s a few things that I do know.


It folds up nice and small. And it’s very well made for the price. Many sources have even named it the best value folding bicycle.


I remember the day I won it from a raffle that I entered. The guy called me on the phone and told me to pick it up any time that I wanted.


The very next day I was riding this folding bicycle home, and was pleasantly shocked with how well it rode.


The Day I First Saw The Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike

Four months before this amazing moment, I was standing there looking at this folding bicycle with confusion.


I never knew that Folding Bicycles existed before I saw the Citizen Tokyo.


When I called my dad and told him what I was looking at, he thought that I had lost my mind.


To be honest, I would have thought the same thing if he would have called me instead.


I Was Surprise By How Well The Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike Rode

At first I was very reluctant to ride the Citizen Tokyo folding bike due to how small the wheels are.


I was use to riding a Hybrid Bicycle with 700c wheels, and there was no way this folding bike was going to ride just as well.


This folding bicycle ended up surprising me with not only a great ride, but also how versatile it was.


Unlike my full-sized hybrid bicycle, this Citizen Tokyo folding bike could be brought and stored in the house easily.


Unlike my hybrid bicycle, I didn’t have to leave it close to the door, making it very difficult to get into the house.


I easily folded it up, and stored it in the basement, way out-of-the-way.

Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike Can Go Anywhere

The Citizen Tokyo was also a blessing when going into restaurants. No longer did I have to search all over to find a place to lock my bicycle.


And when I did find a spot, I had to watch it to make sure nobody cut the lock and stole it.


With the Citizen Tokyo, I could fold it up and put it next to me while I was eating.


Heres a great video from Citizen Bikes itself on how to fold one of their folding bikes. It’s not the Citizen Tokyo but it’s still a great video.


My Dad Ended Up Getting The Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike

My dad ended up falling in love with this folding bicycle, and before long the Citizen Tokyo became his.


My dad loved the bike because I added a few accessories that made it the perfect commuter.


I added a rack on the back. A bottle holder. Two lights on the front with a tail light on the back for riding at night. And even a carry bag to store it when going into places.


Dad rode this bicycle for quite some time before buying a larger Folding Bicycle. He likes the 20 inch wheels better, and more gears for speed.


What I Like About The Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike

Citizen Tokyo folding bicycle with 16 inch wheels.
Citizen Tokyo folding bicycle with 16 inch wheels.


What I like about the Citizen Tokyo folding bicycle is the value for what you’re paying. For close to $200 you get a lot of bike for the money.


The Citizen Tokyo is a very stylish looking folding bike. Every where I went people would ask me all kinds of questions.


How does it ride?


Where did I get it?


What does it cost?


When I told them how much it cost they couldn’t believe it. One lady even had me write down the name of the website so she could buy one for herself.


Citizen Bike Offers Many Different Models

Citizen Bike makes many different models suitable for different types of riding.


And their folding bikes come in both aluminum and steel, depending upon the model that you choose.


The Citizen Tokyo folding bike has a high tensile steel frame, making it very affordable and still able to carry a rider weighing up to 210 lbs.


Many people would argue that high tensile steel is not as good as the higher priced steel, but I’ve learned one thing over the last 6 years.


When it comes to commuting, many of the more expensive brands offer fancy materials and components that the average commuter will never need or use.


My Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike Had The Perfect Gear Ratio

Another great thing about the Citizen Tokyo is the gear ratio.


In the city you’re going to be doing a lot of stopping at red lights, and slowing down at intersections.


The Citizen Tokyo is perfect for this because it has a lot of lower gears that are great for climbing hills, and traveling at safe speeds in dangerous situations.


Plus the lower gears are perfect for when you have the back rack packed up with lots of Personal Items and groceries.


Do you really need a racing bike with tons of gears?


With a Shimano twist shifter and responsive brakes, the Citizen Tokyo has some pretty nice components for the price.


There’s 6 well spaced gears that can handle any hill in the city.


Responsive brakes that stop quickly if an emergency should arise.


And you even have very durable steel fenders, that keeps the tiny 16 inch wheels from spraying water and mud all over you during foul weather.


I’d Highly Recommend Citizen Folding Bikes

Citizen Bikes also sells an almost unlimited amount of accessories that can make your commute much safer and enjoyable.


I’d suggest that you buy them while ordering your Folding Bike because you will get them much cheaper.


Plus they will install them for you, saving you even more by not having to pay a bike shop.


Overall I’d definitely recommend the Citizen Tokyo folding bicycle to anyone.


It’s a very durable and well made folding bicycle that has a very stylish look to it.


You can get a whole bunch of accessories for it at a great price, and they will even install them for you free of charge.


And let’s not forget about the very affordable prices along with free shipping and handling.


Plus, if you don’t like the small 16 inch wheels or want more gears, Citizen Bikes has many more excellent models you can choose from.


What more could you ask for?



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