Citizen Tokyo folding bicycle with 16 inch wheels.
City wheels

Citizen Folding Bicycle from Hart’s

The Tokyo Citizen Folding Bicycle

The Tokyo Citizen Folding Bicycle was the first folding bicycle I’ve ever owned. I remember seeing it for the first time at Harts Local Grocers. They were having a drawing from Honest Tea. Anybody was allowed to enter for free, and if they chose your name, the folding bicycle was yours. Every time I went to Harts I’d stare at this unusual looking bicycle. From the moment I saw it I didn’t know what to think. At first I thought it was a new invention, but after extensive research I learned that Folding Bicycles have been around for decades. That’s when my real education in Folding Bicycles began. Surprisingly there are hundreds of manufacturers selling these incredible commuting machines with only a few dominating the market.

Citizen Tokyo folding bicycle with 16 inch wheels.
Citizen Tokyo folding bicycle with 16 inch wheels.

The day I won the Tokyo Citizen Folding Bicycle

It was a warm summer afternoon and I just got home from work. Suddenly my cell phone rang and it was a guy from Harts local grocers. He told me that I won the folding bicycle and could pick it up whenever I wanted to. It took me a while to get over the fact that I won. But I was still comfortable with picking it up the next day. Over the course of six months prior to winning, I got to know almost everyone who worked at the store. What I liked about Harts Local Grocers was the friendly and knowledgeable staff that worked there. Plus they had a lot of delicious and unique food from the cafe and grocery department. As a matter of fact, I still shop and eat at this amazing grocery store located in the heart of downtown Rochester, NY.

Breakfast isle at Harts Local Grocers.
Breakfast isle at Harts Local Grocers.

When I first won, nobody believed that I had such and amazing bicycle, and was convinced only after showing it to them. And every time I went out riding, strangers would ask me all types of questions. Even people driving by in cars would beep and yell out with excitement. The little Citizen Folding Bicycle was loved by everyone who saw it.

The Tokyo Citizen is a great entry level folder

I was pleasantly surprised with how great the Tokyo Citizen Folding Bicycle rode. The Hi-tensile steel frame was very sturdy and capable of holding a rider that weighed two hundred and ten pounds. It handled rough bumps in the road very well and the frame latches were amazingly firm. Nothing rattled and I couldn’t feel any vibrations whatsoever

The gears changed without skipping and the brakes responded fairly quickly. Also the quick releases for both the seat post and handlebar height were also very well made along with the folding mechanism. Overall, the quality of the Citizen Folding Bicycle was superb for such an affordable price. In fact, I would have guessed that it costs three times the amount then the actual price.

The downsides of the Tokyo Citizen Folding Bicycle

Folding this bicycle up was a little more complicated than the more expensive ones from other manufacturers. There was no catch to hold both wheels together when folded, and the handlebars swung freely. I had to order special straps from Citizen to hold both these parts together. To be fair, it looks like the company has fixed this problem with newer models by adding a catch to hold both wheels together. But still, the handlebars have to use a special strap to keep from swinging around. Also this folded bicycle weighs over thirty pounds with the steel fenders, rack and other accessories.

I’d highly recommend the Tokyo Citizen Folding Bicycle.

After riding the Tokyo Citizen Folding Bicycle for over a year I’d still highly recommend it. This Folding Bicycle has a very sturdy frame and handlebars. They don’t flex or feel loose even during rough terrain or aggressive riding. With a maximum rider weight of two hundred and ten pounds, that’s not much less than the more expensive models from other manufacturers. The gears are surprisingly smooth and the brakes are more than adequate for everyday commuting. Plus all the extra Accessories that you can order are very well made and affordable. They even have airless tires that never go flat. For a price that’s well below the competition, I was very happy with this Folding Bicycle and think the advantages outweigh the downsides.


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