• New Regional Transit Center bus stop sign.
    Kick Scooters

    Conquering “The Last Mile”!

    Public transportation creates “The Last Mile” problem Bring up the topic of public transportation and two things immediately come to mind. Buses and trains. This is very understandable because they are the oldest form of transportation. And they have been…

  • Xootr scooter mg front wheel.
    Kick Scooters

    Why a Kick Scooter?

    Adult kick scooters have come a long way Why would any mentally stable adult make a fool out of himself by riding a Kick Scooter? Besides, isn’t a Folding Bicycle much faster and better for climbing hills. And let’s not…

  • Xootr scooter mg locking pin.
    Kick Scooters

    Xootr MG scooter kicks butt!

    I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes upon the Xootr MG scooter. This adult kick scooter is nothing like the other brands that exist on the market today. The Xootr MG scooter is a pure master piece. It…