• Lock Laces Logo.

    Never Trip Again With Lock Laces!!!!!!!

    Here we go again my fellow urbanites. Today I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite products, called Lock Laces. This is an amazing product that I’ve tested extensively, and they are better than I ever expected. Not…

  • Two pairs of Bombas men’s socks.

    YAY, I’m Excited About Bombas Socks!!!!

    Good evening my incredible urbanites. Today I’m going to share with you an incredible company called Bombas. Bombas makes the best socks I’ve ever worn in my life. Now, before you leave thinking that this will be another plain old…

  • HALT! Dog Repellent Spray

    HALT! Dog Repellent Spray

    After being chased by the neighbors dog multiple times last year, I finally had enough. At first, the dog would only bark and growl. But over time, became much more aggressive. Whenever I walked or bicycled down the street, he…

  • Gear

    Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack

    Meet the Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack My Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack is my favorite, and most used accessory. It’s become such an important part of my life that I couldn’t live without it. Everywhere I go, it comes along with…

  • A pair of Specialized Cycling Gloves.

    Specialized Cycling Gloves

    Specialized Cycling Gloves are one of my favorite accessories. Whenever I go cycling must have them or my hands feel naked. Plus they give the much-needed comfort I need regardless of the distance I’m commuting. I bought these Specialized Cycling Gloves last…

  • Bicycle lane.

    SealSkinz Overshoes review by Nash Cycling

    SealSkinz OverShoes For Cycling Nash Cycling recently did an excellent review of the SealSkinz Overshoes that I’m very proud to share with you. What I like the most about this review is that Nash Cycling gives a very honest and…