Friday Bike Fun

Welcome to Friday Bike Fun. We decided to start this new section, because let’s face it, your a certified, cool bike fanatic just like us.
You love the shine of new paint on a perfectly welded frame. The sound of finely tuned gears, unless you’re a single speed fan, which is perfectly fine.
Or maybe you love folding bikes because of the convenience and practically of using them in an urban environment or how easy they are to travel with.

So, what exactly will be featured in Friday Bike Fun?

Every Friday you get to hear about cool adventures that we go on while riding our awesome bicycles. We’ll talk about all the incredible scenery that we witness while exploring the city or trails. You’ll hear all about the amazing places that we visit such as restaurants, cafes and bike shops.

You’ll also get to read about Friday Bike Fun such as what’s new in the bicycle industry. The best folding and non-folding bicycles to buy. And even just random thoughts.

Of course, we won’t be doing all the bragging in Friday Bike Fun. We work with a lot of outstanding bike shops, experts and other knowledgeable fanatics from all over the world, which you’ll see featured in this section in the coming weeks.

All the greatest tips will be in the form of post, videos or a combination.

Join us every Friday to read about our cool bike commuting adventures. Learn new fun, interesting and useful information about bicycles, from videos, posts and news.

Folding bikes

Folding Bikes Dahon And Younger Sibling Tern

I was out riding my Tern Link D8 folding bike and out of nowhere my dad (A.K.A Big Unc) showed up with his Dahon Speed...
I love to cycle.

Cycle Like You Don’t Give A Damn

Today while riding to the bike shop to get a new chain tensioner for my Brompton Folding Bike, I was thinking about what makes...
I love to ride a bike which in my case, just happens to be a Tern Link D8 folding bike.

To Ride Or Not Ride A Bike Is The Question

To ride or not ride a bike is the question, and I think it’s a damn good one. What prompted me to ask this...
Riding with the RearViz Classic bike mirror strapped to my arm.

Rearviz Classic Bike Mirror(An Illustrative Comparison)

As I was riding home today, I started to wonder what was the best bicycle mirror for safety. I’ve tried three different types of...
Turning Point Park

How To Survive A 25 Mile Ride To Turning Point Park

I’ve always been a lover of nature, exploring, and challenging myself to conquer impossible goals. Inside of me is a deep, hot fire that...
Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

TONY HAWK-pro skateboarder. ELLIOT SLOAN-pro skateboarder. JEREMY MALOTT-pro bmx. PIERRE LUC GAGNON ‘PLG’-pro skateboarder. MIKE FEDE-pro bmx. PAUL LUC RONCHETTI-pro skateboarder. MITCHIE BRUSCO-pro skateboarder....
Volt Pulse Ebike Is Stylish And Great To Ride

Volt Pulse Ebike Is Stylish And Great To Ride

Developed by one of Britain's leading Ebike brands, the Volt Pulse Ebike is one stylish and great bicycle to ride. Meet the Company Behind the...
5 Advantages of Mini Micro Electric Bike You Didn't Know

5 Advantages of Mini Micro Electric Bike You Didn’t Know

Driving an electric bike through the city can be one of the most fascinating experiences that a rider can get. Even more fascinating is...
White swan at Seneca park zoo.

Seneca Park Pond. An Impossible Journey!

Impossible Journey To The Seneca Park Pond On a Brompton and Dahon Folding Bikes, we made the impossible journey to the Seneca Park Pond. It's a magical place where you...
Brompton Folding Bicycle display at NYCEWheels in New York City

NYCEWheels In New York City Is Officially Closed

For all you folding and electric bicycle aficionados, I have some very bad news for you. I recently discovered that NYCEWheels, the largest folding...
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