Brompton front wheel removal and installation! As many of you may already know, I’m a huge fan of the Brompton folding bike. Whenever someone mentions this tiny, hand brazed bicycle from London, I get excited. That’s why I’m a loyal follower of Brilliant Bikes on YouTube. Brilliant Bikes are experts on everything pertaining to the Brompton folding bike. So, today when they uploaded this video on Youtube, I had to show it to you.

Brompton bikes uses many proprietary parts, because unlike other folding bikes, it gets super small when folded. In order to accomplish such a huge feat, Andrew Ritchie knew that he couldn’t use ordinary bicycle parts.

While it’s not impossible to fix a Brompton, it does require knowing how to remove and install the various parts.

This is when having a Brompton folding bicycle expert available comes in handy.

Brilliant Bikes has made an excellent video showing how to remove the Brompton front wheel and re-install it

Brilliant bikes made this phenomenal step-by-step video on how to remove the Brompton front wheel and re-install it. Removing the front wheel of a Brompton isn’t extremely difficult, but it is very helpful to know the proper steps.

Unlike a regular bicycle, a Brompton folds up into a tiny, neat package. In order to accomplish this, the Brompton requires additional parts to hold it together while folded.

Brilliant Bikes also shows the two different types of wheels that can be changed for winter or warmer riding.

They go through the steps very thoroughly, such as letting all of the air out of the tire before trying to slide it through the brakes.

I found this video to be very informational for us Brompton owners.

Therefore, I’d like to give a huge thanks to Brilliant Bikes for another incredible YouTube Video.

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