Back wheel acting as a kick stand on 2-speed Brompton folding bike.
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Foldable Fun With 2-Speed Brompton Folding Bicycle

Meet the Brompton Folding Bicycle

Brompton folding bike in park mode.
Brompton folding bike in park mode.


Hand-brazed and checked for perfection in London, England is the Brompton folding bicycle. When ordering a Brompton folding bicycle, you’re allowed to customize the color, gears and handlebars to fit your specific riding style and personality. It can take up to four to six weeks to receive one of these beauties, but that long wait is well worth it.


Front view of 2-speed Brompton folding bike.
Front view of 2-speed Brompton folding bike.

Brompton Folding Bicycles Have Outstanding Quality

Before I bought a Brompton folding bicycle, I read reviews. Test rode many brands. And debated which wheels size I wanted. In the end, it was the classical Brompton folding bicycle that won. It was the superb ride. Amazing appearance. And high quality that won me over.


Rear rack on 2-speed Brompton folding bike.
Rear rack on 2-speed Brompton folding bike.


The high quality steel frame absorbs vibrations. And the rear suspension block makes bumps almost unnoticeable. Also, the very high quality wheels and puncture-resistant tires stop with very responsive brakes. And with beefy clamps holding the folding hinges in place, this bicycle feels like a piece of solid steel.

Brompton Folding Bicycles Can Be Brought Anywhere

In the beginning, I was unsure about the practicality of the Brompton folding bicycle. Instead it became the best bicycle I’ve ever owned. When I go to the store, I bring my Brompton inside instead of locking it up outside. At restaurants, I just put it under the table or in a corner. Also, no more leaving my bicycle at work when monstrous thunderstorms occur.


I combine it with public transportation, or catch a ride home from a friend.


Brompton Folding Bicycles Have the Best Fold

Brompton folding bicycles are not only known for their quality, but also the way they fold. They fold very fast and easily, similar to the shape of a box. And once folded, the seatpost locks everything into place. Unlike the competition, the Brompton never comes unfolded while being carried or rolled.


Also, the font wheel protects the derailleur, preventing damage, and oil from getting on your clothes.

Green Brompton folding bicycle


My Brompton folding bicycle requires little maintenance. They do cost more than the competition, but the quality is better. A Brompton will last longer, with fewer repairs. Also, no other folding bicycle will fold as small and tidy.



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