Over 7 years ago my dad kept hounding me to buy a bicycle. He wouldn’t quit no matter how much I resisted. Every time he brought it up, I’d shut him down. But he never gave up. Finally he broke through and reawakened the passion I had for cycling when I rode BMX. Or maybe he wanted me to shut up about my slow and frustrating bus commute that I had to endure daily. Whatever the reason, I’m glad he got me back into cycling. At first it was extremely tough. My legs would burn while trying to climb hills, and my endurance stunk. I was also completely clueless about choosing the proper bicycle and gear. As I got more knowledgeable about commuting so did my choices in bikes and gear. But the bicycle world is constantly evolving. Meet the game changer known as the Brompton Electric Folding Bike.

The Brompton Electric Folding Bike Recently Saved Commuters

For the last 5 years I’ve been riding a 2-speed Brompton folding bike on all my daily commutes. At first I chuckled and thought that folding bikes were completely useless. I’d look at the small wheels and think of nothing but those clown bikes used in the circus.

I was use to having 24 gears on my full sized hybrid bicycle. What use would a couple of gears be while climbing hills in the city? All kinds of silly thoughts ran through my mind. Then again, listening to advice on the internet isn’t always the smartest choice.

Not only was I proven wrong, I got rid of my hybrid bicycle in the process. The Brompton folding bicycle had no problems climbing hills. In fact, having less gears meant less problems and maintenance. I got rid of all my locks because it folds up super compact. Now it can go anywhere I go.

Storage at home is a breeze. And whenever I’m out somewhere I can accept a ride from a friend. Or take an Uber if necessary.

The Brompton Folding Bicycle is a great choice for commuting in the city. But now there’s something even better. It’s known as the Brompton Electric Folding Bike.

I’ve provided a short but sweet YouTube video that was filmed in London. They went around stopping commuters who were in a frantic rush to get to work.

These commuters were allowed to ride the Brompton Electric Bike to work, and each one returned bragging about how much they loved it.

I Love The Brompton Bike

I’m a huge Brompton Folding Bike fan. This impossibly tiny bicycle has saved the day on many occasions. It’s been able to take me places that no car or full sized bicycle ever could. And it’s provided these priceless experiences without the usual frustrations.

I haven’t had a chance to try a Brompton Electric Folding Bike yet. But if it’s as great as I think it is, it might be an option to consider in the future.

Enjoy the fun video I’ve provided below, and let me know what you think.

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