Brompton Bolt Blue Lacquer by Brilliant Bikes! For the last 5 years I’ve been a huge fan of Brompton folding bikes. Ever since I purchased my 2-speed from NYCEWheels, it’s been my first choice for city commuting.

My Brompton has been my left and right hand man. The savior in my time of need. A great friend who has never let me down. The tiny bike that could, when a regular bicycle wasn’t capable of the job.

Hand brazed, with unmatched quality, Brompton bikes are the most compact folding bicycles in the world.

Fortunately, Brompton Bikes has been improving the design of their bicycles since Andrew Ritchie created them in 1976.

Recently, Brompton has released the Brompton electric. Electric bikes are the future of urban commuting, and Brompton is well aware of it. The benefit of the Brompton electric is that you can go faster and climb hills much easier.

Brilliant Bikes did an excellent job presenting the Brompton Bolt Blue Lacquer in this video

Brilliant Bikes in the UK just released an excellent video explaining in great detail, the addition of a new color. This new color is known as the Brompton Bolt Blue Lacquer.

Brilliant Bikes shows how the Brompton Bolt Blue Lacquer is an impressive addition, by comparing it to the other colors still available. By unfolding all three Brompton electric bikes, with a close up view, Brilliant Bikes shows how jaw-dropping gorgeous it truly is.

Despite the addition of the new Brompton Bolt Blue Lacquer color, you still have the same choices of front bags containing the battery.

Im a huge fan of the Brompton folding bike as well as Brilliant Bikes. I’ve been watching Brilliant Bikes videos for quite some time now, and love how they give clear, concise, and quick information to help you make the right choices.

Brompton Bikes are known for their durability. Many owners have stated, that they’ve had their Brompton’s for over 20 years. Seeing that the Brompton Bolt Blue Lacquer is built with the same high quality, hand brazed frame as every other Brompton, I’m sure they will last a very long time.

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