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Brompton Bikes Signs Retail Deal With Halfords Group

Hand brazed in London, England, the most compact folding bicycle in the world has some exciting news. Brompton bikes will now be available in Halfords Group stores.


Check out this video to discover how great Brompton bikes are


This exciting retail deal won’t be the first time Brompton bikes has worked with retail chains.


Brompton bikes are now retailed in many stores such as Cycle Surgery and troubled retailer Evans Cycles.


Hopefully Evans Cycles won’t suffer the same fate as NYCEWheels, formerly in New York City. Currently, Halfords is considering buying them out, and if they do, hopefully increase profits.

But in the meanwhile…….


Most Bromptons Are Exported

Currently, the majority of Bromptons sales come from exporting, (75%, into 47 countries) compared to about 190 stores in the UK and Ireland.


This is perfect for Brompton bikes

When this deal happens, it will fit perfectly into the visions and values of Will Butler-Adams, CEO of Brompton, and Graham Stapleton, CEO of Halfords Group.


Both companies are changing the way people live in cities. They want to reach a wider audience by breaking down barriers.


To engage and inspire people to get back on bikes by remembering the delight and freedom of cycling.


And hopefully, get people away from trains, buses, and cars and back on their bicycles to rediscover their city.


Fortunately, more people are taking up cycling in cities.


Sounds like a perfect match to me!


How Brompton Bikes Will Accomplish This Goal

On November 2018, Brompton moved into Cycle Republic’s 21-store chain, and two Tredz stores.


Then on December 2018, Brompton opened a mini-store within Cycle Republic’s Manchester Piccadilly.


And finally, from April 2019, Brompton will also be available in select Halfords stores.



Brompton bikes is the largest bicycle manufacturer in London, England, with over 500,000 Bromptons being ridden in cities across the world.


The Halfords Group operates 452 shops and 24 ‘Performance cycling’ stores.


Combined, they both have the scale to change the way people live and commute in cities around the world.


With such an ambitious goal, both companies are bound to break barriers that keeps people from bicycle commuting, and rediscovering their cities.


Time to get pedaling!!!!!



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