Brompton B75 Is The Most Affordable Model! Ever since I’ve purchased my 2-speed Brompton folding bike, commuting in the city has never been the same.

There are many benefits to owning a Brompton folding bike, but before I go into details, let’s identify what a Brompton B75 is, and how it compares to a standard Brompton.

So what are the differences between the Brompton B75 and the Standard Brompton? Here’s a brief definition of what a Brompton B75 is. The Brompton B75 is the perfect introduction to city cycling with a robust steel frame that’s found on all Brompton bikes. It’s built up with a simple spec, but still has all the benefits of the Brompton fold. There are however a few components on the Brompton B75 that are different than on a standard Brompton. These components include the handlebar, stem, grips, gear levers, brake levers, and suspension block that comes in white.

What makes a standard Brompton different from a Brompton B75 is that it can be ordered custom built. You can choose from a full range of options that seem unlimited. Options such as handlebar type, gearing, seat post length, and saddle width.

There’s also a choice of 11 different colors along with customizable options including mudguards, luggage racks and tires.

What are the different Brompton models available?

All standard Brompton models come in three different digit acronyms. These acronyms tell you which model you have by handlebar type, the gearing, and whether or not the bike has fenders and a rack.

An example of this would be my 2-speed Brompton.

Originally it was an S2L: S Type handlebars, two gears and mudguards. Once I added a rack it became an S2R.

Every model follows the same pattern: letter/number/letter eg: S3L.

The first letter shows which type of handlebar your bike has. This effects your riding position.

Brompton bikes comes in three different handlebar choices: M, S, and H.

Second in the number sequence refers to how man gears your bike has. It will be either 1, 2, 3 or 6 speed.

Last in the sequence is the model acronym. You will see E, L or R. For example, if your bike has an E, it has no mudguards. If your bike does have mudguards, then it is an L version. And bikes with a rack and mudguards is known as an R version.

Adding the suffix X indicates if your bike is a super light model.

Brompton B75 comes with no mudguards

This model of Brompton comes in the E-type, which means no mudguards or rack.

The Brompton folding bike can be brought anywhere, thanks to it’s compact size

With dimensions of only 23 x 22.2 x10.6 inches, the Brompton can be brought into trains, buses, taxis, offices, restaurants, etc. And with the handy cover bag, nobody can tell that you have a bike with you.

A Brompton is also very easy to fold.

At first it might seem a bit confusing, but with a little practice, you’ll be folding it within 10 seconds or less.

Plus, the Brompton has the best folding mechanisms of any folding bike on the market.

Unlike other folding bikes that just fold in half, and use magnets, the Brompton locks very securely together. You can literally shake the Brompton, and it still won’t come loose on you.

The Brompton will also pay for itself in no time. Instead of paying for a cab from the train station or airport, you can replace a 2-mile ride (known as the last mile) with your Brompton.

Another example would be taking the train into work and then biking home for the exercise.

Another great point that I can agree with is that the Brompton bike will last a lifetime.

Over the last 40 years, Brompton has refined the design of their folding bikes. Each bike is hand-brazed in their factory in London.

With so many amazing features that this folding bike has to offer, what’s not to like? A Brompton rides just as stable as a full sized bike. It can be taken into your office. Into cafes. Onto the train. And in some cases even on a plane.

There’s rarely a situation where you can’t bring your Brompton right with you.

What is a Brompton B75?

In 2019, Brompton bikes launched it’s most affordable bike ever and named it after the year the brand was founded.

On Brompton’s website, the B75 is called the perfect introduction to city cycling. It has a simple spec, ready to go, with all the benefits of the Brompton fold.

The Brompton B75 has the same hand-brazed, steel frame as the standard Brompton with a few differences in order to make it affordable.

But what are these differences? Here’s what you get for $995.

The Brompton B75 uses the same steel frame

All Brompton folding bikes use the same hand-brazed steel frame. Ever since Andrew Richie designed the Brompton in 1975 in his flat overlooking the Brompton Oratory in South Kensington, London, all Brompton’s have been hand made.

Each brazer is trained by Brompton for 18 months and has a ‘signature’ which they stamp on the parts of the bike that they work on.

Brompton is also a global exemplary of design excellence. They have a large in-house team who are constantly improving the bike, accessories and the production processes.

Using a range of leading technologies from rapid prototyping using 3D printers to ensuring precision automotive industry CAM machines, you can be assured that your Brompton bike will be of the highest quality.

I’ve actually talked to many people who swear that their Brompton bike frames have lasted over 15-20 years.

The Brompton B75 uses the exact steel frame as the traditional Brompton’s. The only difference is that the frame only comes in one color, which is Water Blue. And the extremities also come in Water Blue.

Brompton Gears

Brompton Bikes come in 4 different gear configurations. Standard gearing will suit most people, but Brompton can raise or lower your gearing depending on your needs.

Raised gearing is (+%) is more suitable for flat areas and high speed riding. 

Lowered gearing (-%) is better for hilly areas.

(s) 1 Speed

Light and simple for flat city riding.

STANDARD 5.93/74”



(+) 2 Speed

One gear for hills and starting off, one for cruising. Flexible and lightweight.

STANDARD 3.79m-5.93m/56”-74”



(+) 3 Speed

A robust hub gear, a popular choice for everyday cycling.

STANDARD 3.79m-6.76m/48”-85”




(+) 6 Speed

The ultimate all-rounder, for those who wish to take on longer rides and challenging inclines.

STANDARD 2.63m-7.94m/33”-99”



Similar to the M3L and M3E, the Brompton B75 has a 3-speed internal-gear hub. But instead of the current trigger shifters used on the traditional Brompton’s, it uses the switch shifters, which are not built into the brake levers.

B75’s all come in -12% gearing as standard, but can’t be customized.

In 2017, all gear shifters were integrated into the brake levers which improved the shifting and aesthetics of the Brompton.

How much does a Brompton bike weight?

Depending upon the model of Brompton and configuration, the weight of your bike can range from 9kg to 13kg (20lbs to 28lbs).

Here’s the approximate weight of different Brompton models including the Brompton B75.

M3L – 11.5 kg

M3L-X – 10.5 kg

S2L – 10.7 kg

S2L-X – 9.8 kg

P6R – 12.4 kg

P6R-X 11.5 kg

B75 – 11.6 kg

Here’s a detailed list of specs for the Brompton B75

  • Edition: Brompton B75
  • Handlebar Type: Classic M type (1015)
  • Gears: 3-speed
  • Fender type: E type (no fenders, no rack)
  • Frame material: Steel
  • Main Frame Color: Water Blue
  • Extremities Color: Water Blue
  • Gear Ratio: -12% gearing as standard
  • Saddle: B75 saddle
  • Seat-post: Extended (inside leg 33-35 inches)
  • Lighting: Reflectors only
  • Tires: Brompton tire
  • Pedals: non-folding pedals
  • Folded dimensions: 565mm (H) x 585mm (W) x 270mm (D) (22.2” x 23” x 10.6”)
  • Weight: (approx.) 11.6kg
  • Note: B75 is compatible with fenders, battery lights, folding pedal, front carrier block (for luggage) and telescopic seatpost which can be purchased separately.



  • Toolkit: Not included but compatible

Where a Brompton B75 can be purchased

  • Clever Cycles located at 900 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
    Portland, Oregon 97214
  • Brilliant Bikes  located at Brilliant Bikes, 84 High Street Chobham Surrey United Kingdom GU24 8LZ

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