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Something Terrifying Happened To Bikeblogger!

Meet Bikeblogger

Today, I’d like you to meet my favorite YouTube personality. This guy rides his single speed bicycle at amazing speeds. And mashes up hills like an Indy 500 race car. I discovered this very interesting guy a few years ago, while searching for bicycle commuting videos. At the time, I was getting heavily into commuting to work on my bicycle. And was searching for ways to make my commute easier and more fun. What I found was a guy that films creative and innovative videos while riding his bicycle. This guys name is Bikeblogger.


Bikeblogger Is Very Interesting

Bikeblogger is an avid commuter that rides his bicycle. While commuting to work, he’ll talk about different topics and give some useful information. I find it very interesting because it resembles a talk show, that’s broadcasted while riding a bicycle. And I find the variety of topics he discusses extremely useful, and thought-provoking. One minute he’ll be talking about new products. The next, he’ll be discussing the type of bicycle he’s riding. And by the number of bicycles this guy owns, you can tell he’s a certified bicycle fanatic.


Bikeblogger Almost Got Ran Over

At first I was going to feature a video from Bikeblogger’s channel about his carbon fiber bicycle. But after much consideration, and an incident that happened today, I changed my mind. Recently, Bikeblogger almost got run off the road by an SUV. The driver didn’t stop to see if he was okay or apologize. The driver just kept going, as if he didn’t even exist.


Today while walking, a very careless and impatient driver almost ran me over. When I saw this video, it made me think of all the close encounters I’ve had with vehicles since commuting on my bicycle.


Bikeblogger Makes Awesome Videos

Just like every other video that I’ve watched, it was very well done. The sound and picture quality was very good. All the topics discussed were very interesting. And the information was extremely useful. Plus, he remained professional. He maintained his composure, despite being upset.


He gave some fantastic tips on safety while riding your bicycle. And with all the reckless drivers out there, I figured we can all benefit from it. He makes the best bicycle commuting videos on YouTube. And I hope he becomes a regular on here.


The video provided in this post was used with Permission granted by Bikeblogger. To see Bikeblogger’s YouTube page and original video click Here.


Let’s Have A Little Recap Here

  • BikeBlogger rides a single speed.
  • Rides very fast.
  • Mashes up hills fast.
  • Bicycle commutes to work.
  • Makes awesome videos.
  • Almost got run over.
  • Puts videos on YouTube.

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