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Bike Commuting Video by Bikeblogger

Bike Commuting With Bikeblogger

Today, I’d like you to meet my favorite YouTube personality that makes interesting YouTube videos about bike commuting.


I discovered this very animated guy a few years ago, while searching for bike commuting videos.


And it’s been a great ride ever since because……


This guy rides his bicycle at amazing speeds.


Mashes up hills like an Indy 500 race car.


And does this while riding one of his many single speed bicycles.



I was searching for ways to make my commute easier and fun.


What I found was a guy that films creative videos while riding his bicycle.


This guys name is Bikeblogger.


Bike Commuting Is Made Interesting By Bikeblogger

Bikeblogger is an avid commuter that rides his bicycle to work, while talking about different topics, and providing useful information.


I like it because it resembles a talk show, that’s broadcasted while riding a bicycle.


And the variety of topics he discusses are useful, and thought-provoking.


Plus, he often endorses new products.


And seeing he owns many bicycles, he’ll discuss the make and model, along with ways to maintain them.


Then again, what else would you expect from certified bicycle fanatic?


While Bike Commuting, Bikeblogger Almost Got Run Over

This is why I’m proud to present, this incredible video by Bikeblogger.


Recently, Bikeblogger almost got run over by an SUV, with the driver not stopping to see if he was okay.


The driver just kept going, as if he didn’t exist.


Which reminds me of…………


Not too long ago, while walking, a very careless and impatient driver almost ran me over.


When I watch this video, it makes me think of all the close encounters I’ve had with vehicles since commuting on my bicycle or walking.


Bike Commuting Videos Are Better Because Of Bikeblogger

Just like every other video by Bikeblogger, it has great sound and picture quality.


The topics discussed are very interesting and useful.


Plus, he maintained his composure, despite being upset.


Overall, I can say that….


Bikeblogger gave some fantastic tips on safety while riding your bicycle.


And with all the reckless drivers out there, I figure we can all benefit from a video like this.


Bikeblogger makes the best bicycle commuting videos on YouTube.


Thanks to Bikeblogger for providing the video used in this post.



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