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The Ghosts Of Bicycles Past

There I was, huffing and puffing like an old steam locomotive. My legs were burning as if they were on fire. Every single inch that I moved forward was pushed back by hurricane strength winds. As I was climbing the Mount Everest sized hill, I kept asking what I’ve gotten myself into. And was I really going to do this same routine every single day? With every single agonizing second, I couldn’t help but think of all the events that ultimately led to this moment. I thought of all the bicycles that I’ve owned up until this point, which I call “The Ghost Of Bicycles Past”.  The reason why I call them this is because, even though I remember them, they no longer exist around me in the physical form.


Riding bicycles up big hills is tough.
Riding bicycles up big hills is tough.

Bicycles Are Hard To Ride Up Big Hills

As I got to the top of the hill, I stopped to take a break, and look down to where I came from. Even though the hill wasn’t really the size of Mount Everest, I felt a sense of joy.


This was my first time commuting to work on a bicycle. And even though it was a tough commute with multiple hills, it felt really good. I was able to bypass the morning traffic while getting my daily exercise in.


The fresh air was refreshing and the freedom of commuting while being outdoors, was simply amazing. Not ever, have I felt such an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment since I was riding, except for when I was a kid.

The Bicycle Commute Toughened Me Up

Every single day, I fought all the hills with the last hill being the grand finale. And every single time I made it, I felt like a kid all over again. Many times it was super tough due to high winds, but I never gave up.


Eventually it became a habit to just overcome all the obstacles my commute threw at me. When the winds fought against me, I fought back. If the rain came pouring down upon me, I’d spit back by laughing in Grandpa Rains face. Even old Man Winter challenged me, and I still prevailed.


Turkey buzzard on way to work.
Turkey buzzard on way to work.

I Conquered Bicycles And Now Everything Else

There’s an old saying, “Success Leads To More Success”, and I believe it. Going up all those hills, against all odds gave me the confidence to believe in myself. Never in a million years would I have believed that I’d be able to climb such hills, and do it with good speed.


As my physical fitness and toughness increased, I continually challenged myself. I’d try to beat my last commute time, even if it was by a few seconds. Many times, I’d get super excited, especially if I beat it by a few minutes. Maybe I can call this “The Times Of Commutes Past”.


The point is that, if I’d given up on that first commute, I would have never realized how capable I truly was. Then again, this pertains to everything you set out to pursue. At first things are always tough, but if you tough it out and don’t give up, you eventually succeed. As you get better, it becomes easier until you no longer struggle.


Just like all the bicycles that are now in my past, so are all the struggles and hardships that got me to where I am. And just like before, I’ll never give up. Does this awesome story remind you of yourself?



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