Best Premium, Hard Sided, Carryonn Luggage Review! In the last video that was Featured, Peter Von Panda did a review called, “Travel Toiletry Bag Review by Peter Von Panda.”

Peter Von Panda loves to fly, and does a lot of reviews about amazing products. Today is no different. In this video that I’m about to feature, Peter Von Panda is reviewing the best premium roll aboard carryonn luggage.

Here’s Peter Von Panda’s review of the best premium hard sided carryonn luggage

Peter Von Panda is reviewing the 90 Go, hard sided, carryonn luggage. This is a premium piece of luggage that’s great for anyone who has to travel for work, and loves to sightsee.

Unlike the traditional soft sided, fabric luggage’s, this one doesn’t get as stained, beat up, or torn. As Peter Von Panda states, they just don’t hold up very well.

Everything about this premium luggage screams, NICE! The hard sided case is extremely strong and light, while still protecting all your fragile electronics. Peter Von Panda even picks it up with just one finger to demonstrate how light it really is.

Check out these phenomenal features that this premium luggage has to offer

  • Features a high end handle that sits flush into slits on top of the luggage.
  • Has a comfortable handle attacked to a telescopic handle.
  • Four caster wheels that rotate and roll in all directions to take up less space in airports, crowded hotel lobbies, etc.
  • A front compartment made of a rubberized material. This TSA compliant compartment can securely be locked with a key pad.
  • You can quickly gain access to you ID, keys, etc, while going through security lines without worrying about dropping anything.
  • Front compartment has two regular pockets and one mesh pocket, nicely complimented with a nylon lining.
  • In the main 20 inch compartment is a few large areas to store stuff, including a large laptop.

Check this awesome video out to see more of this incredible premium carryonn luggage

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