Margarita pizza at aunt rosies Italian cafe.
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Aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe At 350 East Main Street

Aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe is known for having a great menu. Awesome food. And a friendly atmosphere with incredible customer service. And for those following reasons…..


I ordered two Margherita Pizza’s from them!!!


Aunt rosies Italian cafe sign.
Aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe sign.



To Aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe We Go

With my Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack in hand, I ran out to meet Louie. It was a good day, with me landing my biggest client yet, and we were about to celebrate at Aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe with two delicious Margherita pizza’s.


Side window of aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Side window of aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe.


With wheels squealing, Louie, my mom and myself were at Aunt Rosie’s Cafe at 350 East Main Street within minutes.

Entering Aunt Rosie’s Cafe

Through those two big glass doors, all 3 of us were in for a pleasant surprise.


Front doors of aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Front doors of aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe.


As we entered, a young lady greeted and directed us towards our table of choice.


Fortunately, we chose the table with a window view and a nicely decorated area on top of a platform with lamps.


Looking out window at aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Looking out window at aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe.


The friendly, young waitress informed us that our two Margherita pizza’s with black olives and mushrooms would be out shortly.


Table inside aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Table inside aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe.


Aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe Didn’t Have Our Margherita Pizza’s Ready

Both our Margherita Pizza’s were not ready, because Aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe got exceptionally busy for lunch.


But everything turned out okay, and here’s why!!


What seemed like an eternity was only a few minutes. I’ve been saving room in my stomach all afternoon, because after my meeting I had plans to go eat at Aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe.


When our waitress returned with coffees, hot fresh bread and delicious house salads, it was a huge relief.


But what happened next was an even bigger surprise.

Everything that our waitress just brought out was our reward for having to wait for our pizza’s. That meant free!!!


And we had no problem with receiving free food!!!


The Pizza And Food At Aunt Rosie’s Cafe Is Superb!

Out came both our perfect Margherita Pizza’s. With a teasing aroma, all three of us couldn’t wait to devour these two delicious Margherita Pizza’s like wolves.


Just when all three of us were about to chow down, in came my buddy Pauly. Paul heard the great news about my meeting, and wanted to join the celebration.


This required ordering a third Margherita Pizza, and Paul paying the bill. Yes, Paul insisted that we let him pay for lunch.


These three homemade Margherita pizza’s were made from scratch, with authentic Italian sauce. All natural cheese. Fire roasted mushrooms. And of course black olives.


As a result, all four of us ate way more than we intended, but what do you expect with such great food, and four people from Italian heritage?


Margarita pizza at aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Margarita pizza at aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe.


At this very moment, I still can’t get these phenomenal Margherita Pizza’s out of my mind, topped with real tomatoes, oven roasted mushrooms cooked in olive oil, and black olives.


Half of margarita pizza left at aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Half of margarita pizza left at aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe.



The food and customer service at Aunt Rosie’s Italian Cafe is top-notch.


There’s an amazing menu with fresh authentic Italian food made from scratch.


They have excellent customer service with an inviting atmosphere. And when our orders weren’t ready, they went above and beyond to make it right.


For the following reasons, we weren’t just pleased with Aunt Rosie’s, it became one of our favorite places.


We’d highly recommend Aunt Rosie’s to family and friends



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