Atlantic Family Restaurant in Webster, New York.
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Atlantic Family Restaurant In Webster, New York

I wish I could take credit for finding this awesome restaurant but I can’t. Lately my buddy Louie has been on a roll when it comes to finding new restaurants . All three of us were in Webster, New York, and I decided to ask Louie if he knew of any good places. With a smile and a twinkle in his eyes, Louie mentioned going to Atlantic Family Restaurant.


This was my first time going to this incredible restaurant, but I figured it would be good seeing that Louie knows the owner. Louie seems to know a lot of people who owns restaurants. And so far every restaurant that Louie has recommended has been phenomenal.


We Arrived At Atlantic Family Restaurant

As soon as we arrived at the Atlantic Family Restaurant I was immediately impressed. I couldn’t help but notice the large prominent sign that was very visible from the busy street. I like the huge sign and couldn’t resist taking a photo of it. If more businesses had signs like this with a well-kept exterior, they’d all do great business.


Once we got inside, I was equally impressed with the interior. It had lots of space with plenty of tables. And above all it was clean. There were no nasty crumbs on the counters or seats. The floors were noticeably swept and mopped. Even the bathrooms were clean for such a busy place.


Our waitress was also very friendly and quickly took our orders. Louie ordered the multi grain waffles with coffee. My mom ordered the BLT sandwich with her cup of water with lemons. And I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich with a side of chicken noodle soup. With a cup of coffee to wash it all down.


The Food At Atlantic Restaurant Was Delicious

Multi grain pancakes from Atlantic Family Restaurant in Webster, New York.
Multi grain pancakes from Atlantic Family Restaurant in Webster, New York.


As soon as our food came out, we could immediately tell it was going to be delicious. Louie’s pancakes looked incredible. They were nice and fluffy and lightly browned from the grill.


BLT from Atlantic Family Restaurant in Webster, New York.
BLT from Atlantic Family Restaurant in Webster, New York.


My moms BLT sandwich looked like a gourmet sandwich. The bacon looked nice and crispy topped off with fresh green lettuce and ripe tomatoes. She looked like she was going to devour it as she spread some mayonnaise all over it. And afterwards she did with no hesitation.


Grilled chicken sandwich from Atlantic Family Restaurant in Webster, New York.
Grilled chicken sandwich from Atlantic Family Restaurant in Webster, New York.


The chicken sandwich that I ordered was excellent. It was real juicy and broke apart easily in my mouth. My lettuce was also very fresh along with the red ripe tomatoes. Usually I don’t put cheese on my chicken sandwich but this time it was a welcome addition. And pouring the honey mustard I requested on top only made this sandwich even more phenomenal.


Chicken noodle soup.
Chicken noodle soup.


I was also pleasantly surprised when Louie told me they don’t put any salt in their soups. This was like music to my ears because I like to watch my salt intake. High blood pressure runs on my mom’s side of the family, and I don’t want to take any chances. Most of the time when I go to restaurants the soups are usually way too salty. Unfortunately this forces me to skip them all together. When I found out that I didn’t have to skip the soup this time, I was super excited.


What Impressed Me About The Atlantic Family Restaurant

This place was super clean with excellent service. Our silverware didn’t have yesterdays food on it. And we didn’t have to sit in the last visitors crumbs.


Cup of coffee.
Cup of coffee.


Our waitress was very nice and came along very often to warm our coffees. Even before we drank a quarter of our coffee, she was back to give a refill. We hardly had to ask her for anything because she was always way ahead of us.


The food was also very excellent. Everything came out fairly quickly and all our orders were correct. Our food was cooked perfectly and very delicious. We couldn’t find anything to complain about even if we wanted to.



If I was asked to recommend this place I’d do so without any hesitation. The at atmosphere was very inviting. All the staff and patrons were extremely friendly and polite. And above all, the food was top-notch.


What’s not to like about a great restaurant like this?



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