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Affordable bicycling sunglasses

The importance of bicycling sunglasses

After purchasing the proper Bicycle it’s important to select the proper safety Gear. Helmets and gloves are essential along with one last Accessory that most commuters overlook. That Accessory would be bicycling sunglasses. There’s many types available for bicycle commuters but most are way overpriced.

Front view of bicycling sunglasses.
Front view of bicycling sunglasses.

Bicycling sunglasses should be practical and affordable

Instead, what I recommend is to wear regular sunglasses when it’s sunny out, and a clear pair when it’s cloudy or dark. This fits in with my belief that for average everyday commuters, safety Gear must be both practical and affordable.

The benefits of bicycling sunglasses

I never realized how important safety eyewear was until I got very serious about bicycling commuting. There were many times when wind would make my eyes water. Or rain poured into my eyes. And that one time when dust was flying everywhere. It was a very dark night. The road was deserted without another person in sight.

As I was descending down the dusty long hill an SUV went flying by. Dust was kicked up everywhere including into my eyes. For a large part of my commute home I was busy trying to clear out all the dust. By the time my eyes were back to normal I was already home.

Why did I purchase bicycling sunglasses

This was the last incident that finally made me purchase a durable, clear pair. I wasn’t looking to buy a very expensive pair, but needed them to be fairly durable. They also needed to be clear so that on cloudy days or nights I still had visibility. I decided to shop on Amazon, and after much consideration I bought a cheap, no name pair. At first I was skeptical about their durability, but after extended use I ended up liking them a lot.

Looking through lens of bicycling sunglasses.
Looking through lens of bicycling sunglasses.

Bicycling sunglasses should be durable

These have been put through a lot of abuse during the last few years. Many times they’ve been thrown into my handy cinch sack. They’ve protected my eyes from flying dust and debris, and repelled raindrops the size of quarters. And even though I never wear them during sunny days, they have UV protection.

Bicycling sunglasses all folded up.
Bicycling sunglasses all folded up.

After all this abuse they still look like brand new. The lenses have no scratches or cloudy areas. And the hinges still work perfectly.

Bicycling sunglasses hinge.
Bicycling sunglasses hinge.

I’m picky about bicycling sunglasses

In order to be useful, they have to meet certain criteria. They have to wrap around, fully protecting my eyes. Comfort is very important for both short and medium distance rides. The lenses and hinges have to be durable. And above all, they have to be affordable. They have not only met all of my riding needs, they exceeded them.

If you’d like to find out more about them, ask me in the comment section below.

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