Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack

Meet the Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack

My Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack is my favorite, and most used accessory. It’s become such an important part of my life that I couldn’t live without it. Everywhere I go, it comes along with me.


Discovering how useful Sackpacks are

A few years ago I bought a cheaper type of Sackpack after discovering how useful they are. Instead of carrying everything in my pockets, I was able to put everything in my Sackpack, plus more. At one point I tried small backpacks, but they were nothing but a nuisance. They would either fit uncomfortably or be too big to carry around. The Sackpack on the other hand was the perfect size. Plus it had a nice drawstring design to accommodate larger items that might stick out past the top.


I’ve actually lost count of how many times the Sackpack has saved the day when carrying items while bicycle commuting. There were many times when my back rack was too full or couldn’t accommodate odd-shaped packages. Also I noticed that the amount of items I was carrying, had increased gradually over time.


Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack
Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack

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Adidas Alliance 2 Sacksack Features

I actually used this cheaper Sackpack until it wore out. That’s when I decided to pay more, and get the Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack. This Sackpack is made out of a very durable waterproof material. It has done a phenomenal job of keeping my personal belongings safe during all types of weather. There has been many times that I’ve had to walk in pouring rain. Or tough it out during snowstorms. And not once has anything been ruined.


I’m also a huge fan of the outside pockets. The zipper pocket holds extra items while the mesh pockets are for water bottles. And the pull cords are very comfortable and secure.


Adidas cinch sack with multiple pockets in front and sides, made out of a water resistant material.
Adidas Sackpack with multiple pockets in front and sides, made of a water-resistant material.


The Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack has become my favorite accessory to use, both on and off the bicycle. It goes everywhere with me and has protected all my personal belongings in all-weather conditions. The Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack has literally become my home away from home.


Let’s Have A Little Recap Here

  • The Addidas Alliance Sackpack is my favorite accessory.
  • Goes everywhere I go.
  • Is the perfect size.
  • Protects all my belongings in all weather conditions.
  • Great for bicycle commuting.
  • Very durable.

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