Welcome to my urban gear blog. I started this blog because city living can be tough.


There are many issues that an urban resident has to worry about, especially when it comes to commuting.


We have to worry about commuting in a city that was built to accommodate cars, not humans.




Public Transportation Is Lacking

Public transportation can be slow, and not available in all areas. This presents problems such as the “Last Mile,” where you have to travel a mile or more to the closest bus or train station.


Weather Can Rain On Your Parade

Then there’s the weather, which presents a whole new set of problems. Commuters have to deal with rain, thunderstorms, snow and extreme heat.


The Proper Urban Gear Makes A Commute Stress Free

In order to make our commutes stress free, and allow us to conquer the following issues, we need the proper urban gear.


Having the proper gear such as a folding bicycle, backpack and clothing makes all the difference. Except that finding the right gear is extremely difficult.


Commuting gear has to be rugged, practical, and actually protect all of our personal belongings.


Choosing The Proper Urban Gear Can Be Tough

If only there was a way to know which urban gear was best before we purchased it. This would save us a lot of wasted time and frustration.


Fortunately, I’ve already done all the hard work for you. Every piece of urban gear that I recommend has been tested in the most extreme conditions.


Now you can be assured that whatever gear you buy will be suitable whether you’re walking, biking or taking the good old bus or train.


So, gear up and let’s conquer commuting together.



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