About this blog

This blog is about my journey to discovering folding bicycles and kick scooters. A few years ago I discovered folding bicycles when I won one from a drawing. At first I thought they were a new invention but then learned that they’ve been around for decades. Just as long as the regular bicycle.

After researching more, I discovered that many companies manufacture these amazing types bicycles. And each makes various models best suited for different purposes. They can also go from very cheap to super expensive, depending upon your budget and needs.

The more I used them, the more I educated myself about them. Eventually I gave my regular hybrid bicycle away and haven’t looked back since. Recently I also got into using adult kick scooters which are also amazing. They are also light, compact, and the cheapest form of transportation available.

When first getting into folding bicycle commuting it can be very confusing. There’s a lot of bad information floating around. Everybody has an opinion about which folding bicycles are best.

The same goes for folding adult kick scooters. This is why I started this blog. I want to provide you with real information that I learned from actually commuting on them. Let me give you the true facts, so that you too can make the best decisions when purchasing these amazing forms of transportation.