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Who Is This Mysterious Character They Call Andy Thousand?

I’ve met this amazing character called Andy Thousand maybe once or twice.

He’s an internet icon.

A blogging extraordinaire.

The master of writing the best content that anybody has ever seen.

If this devilish, handsome gentleman keeps writing such masterfully crafted blog posts, he’ll be taking over the world in no time.

Oh, and did I mention how good-looking he is?

Now Who Is The Real Andy Thousand?

By now you probably guessed that I’m actually Andy Thousand, and there’s nothing mysterious about me.

Just like you, I’m a real person that just happened to grow up in good old Rochester, New York.

My friends and family might think of me as an internet icon, but it wasn’t always like that.

I Started Programming Robots In High School, And Not Those Ones You See In The Terminator Movies

When I was in high school, I got heavily involved with programming robots.

It was fun, challenging, and gave me one heck of an understanding of how important technology would someday be to the world.

Over the course of one year, I got extremely good at programming these silly little robots.

In fact I got so good, that I got a full scholarship to go to college.

In College I Went From Studying Computer Technology To Business Administration

As I walked through the Emerald City sized doors to college, I thought I had my whole life planned out.

I was going to be designing computers from scratch.

Programming them.

And coming up with all kinds of wild crazy stuff.

Then I Got The Business Bug, And My Little Closed Minded World Got Turned Upside Down

I needed to take a few electives, and decided that a few business courses might be useful.

After taking a few business courses, something magical happened.

I realized that I enjoyed the business courses more than the computer courses.

My mind got opened up to a whole new world, and I decided that one day I would earn a lot of money in the corporate world.

After two long hard years, I graduated with an Associate Degree in Business Administration.

After College I Had No Direction

As I walked out the doors from college, and into the real world, I was ready to tackle anything .

I was going to get the high paying job, with the huge office.

I’d buy the gigantic house that took up a whole neighborhood.

And the expensive luxury car, that screamed success as I cruised down the street.

Fortunately, none of these crazy dreams actually happened.

Instead, I bounced from one job to the next.

Got a great lesson in how the real business world works.

Learned that everything that’s taught in college, is outdated and obsolete by time you graduate.

Along Came The Internet To Give Me Purpose

Once I found out about the internet, and how powerful it really is, I was never the same again.

I saw how everyone was moving their businesses online.

And these people were making great money while having a blast.

I wish I could tell you that as soon as I started doing business online, I made millions, and walked off into millionaire paradise.

The truth is that I’ve failed many times before I figured out how all this stuff works.

And I’m still learning new stuff on a daily basis.

I’ve done everything from selling on eBay and  Amazon, to selling products by dropshippers.

I even spent a whole year, studying constantly from a book, until I finally taught myself how to build websites from scratch.

Up until recently, I have had a few successes among the many failures, but it was a humbling experience, that has taught me so much.

It has taught me so much about business, marketing, and how to connect with people on a real personal level.

Why Did I Start This Blog Called Andy Thousand, That I’m So Passionate About?

I started Andy Thousand because I think there’s more to city living than cars and expressways.

There’s so much to see and do, but because we’re always moving so fast, and too busy with hectic schedules, we never take notice.

The city is full of a diverse population from different countries, and backgrounds. My grandparents on my mother’s side are a perfect example.

Grandpa was from Rome, Italy, and Grandma was French. You can imagine how great the cooking must have been.

I sincerely wish they were still around, because I truly miss them both.

The City Has Amazing Culture And Andy Thousand Will Prove It To You

Cultures like this creates an amazing learning experience. You get to visit family owned restaurants that are locally owned.

Unique stores have amazing products, just waiting for you to discover them.

And there’s all kinds of unique historic places that we never knew existed.

Plus there’s many transportation options available, besides cars

Experiences like this can only be available within an environment, where people from all over come to live.

If only we’d take the time to slow down, and absorb everything the city has to offer. We might even learn a thing or two, that might help us for a lifetime.

I know I sure have, because there’s something to be learned from everyone that we meet.

Being born and raised in a city setting has taught me a lot about who I am, and how much I never knew about the city I live in.

The food, events and historical landmarks that are secretly tucked away.

My only regret is that I haven’t opened my eyes sooner, and explored them.

Feel Free To Follow Along As Andy Thousand Get’s Better

So please go with me on this journey of exploration, and learning. And don’t be afraid to have a little fun along the way.

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