A Christmas Story fudge on shelve at Harts Local Grocers.
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A Christmas Story OHHH FUDGE!

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is a 1983 American Movie about a nine year old boy named Ralphie Parker. Based upon the 1940’s era, Ralphie reminisces about a Christmas when he wanted nothing more than a Red Ryder BB Gun. Ralphie tries everything, including writing an essay for school, in order to convince his parents to let him have this holy grail of BB guns. Instead, he gets the same reply, “you’ll shoot your eye out”. Even Santa Clause gives him the boot, literally.

A Christmas Story Swear Word

In one particular scene, Ralphie accidentally says a swear word, that gets him an old fashioned mouth washing with soap. When his mother asks him where he heard such an awful word, he blames Schwartz, even though it was actually his dad.

During the beginning of this memorable scene, Ralphie and his dad were on the side of the road, changing a flat. Ralphie was holding the hub cap containing the lug nuts. His father accidentally hit it, causing the lug nuts to fly all over, into the snow. Ralphie’s dad always had this crazy dream of working in the pits of NASCAR. Whenever he got a flat, he would have the mother time him, trying to to beat his former best time.

I have a hunch that Ralphie was well aware of this and hoping that his dad would break a new world record for changing a flat. And that’s when the scariest part of the movie happened. Ralphie blurted out the king of all swear words, and changed the whole dynamics of their father and son bonding time. He meant to say, OHHH…FUDGE!!

A Christmas Story Scare

Of course, it was too late. Everyone watched in terror as they thought this was the end of Ralphie, including Ralphie himself. Luckily, Ralphie got to live another day, and the movie didn’t end there. Instead, as I already mentioned, Ralphie got severely punished by getting his mouth washed out with soap. I’m no soap expert, but just by looking at the expression on his face, the soap must have been horrible. Maybe the soap was a lot different back in the nineteen forties. Then again, I’ve never put a bar of soap in my mouth, and I never plan to.

As I’ve already mentioned, A Christmas Story, was a classic American movie from 1983. Every year it plays repeatedly for 24 hours until Christmas Day. The whole plot for “A Christmas Story” was very well written, even though it was a low budget film. And surprisingly became the number one Christmas movie of all time.

Over the years, there has been numerous products available based upon “A Christmas Story”. There’s wearable merchandise. Authentic leg lamps, just like in the movie. And even tours of the actual house, with the option of staying overnight, for a hefty price of course.

The Day I Discovered A Christmas Story Fudge

It was a Thursday afternoon, and I just finishing lunch at Hart’s Local Grocers. I decided to go browse the isles when something familiar caught my attention. There, on a box of old fashioned fudge, was Ralphie’s face. The excitement that I felt was extremely hard to contain. I had to show everyone what I had discovered, as if I just found a sunken treasure on a pirate ship. If Little Orphan Annie actually existed, as Ralphie believed, she’d be right there by my side.

A Christmas Story fudge at Harts Local Grocers.
A Christmas Story fudge at Harts Local Grocers.

Normally I could care less about sweet stuff, especially fudge. But there’s something about this classic movie called “A Christmas Story”, that I grew up watching. Call me biased, but it holds a special place in my heart, and I’m sure there’s many of you that feel the same.

This “A Christmas Story OHHH…FFFFUDGE!!” was definitely an impulse buy. Even if I didn’t like it, I had to have it. Every year they make this for a limited time from a company called McJak Candy Company.

A Christmas Story Moment Of Truth

To be honest, I couldn’t wait until I got home to try this old fashioned fudge. The awesome packaging, and location it was placed in the store definitely did it’s job. After all, it got a very hard to attract and convince to buy, guy like me to purchase it. They knew how to play with my emotions and many others just like me.

Their website is absolutely amazing, and has tons of positive reviews on this catchy “A Christmas Story” fudge. When I read about how it was made, my chin literally dropped. I was very impressed. This “A Christmas Story” fudge is actually hand stirred in copper kettles by this small, family owned businesss based out of rural Medina, Ohio.

A Christmas Story fudge on a plate.
A Christmas Story fudge on a plate.

Carefully we opened the box as if it was a peice of fine china. We had no idea as to what to expect. The fudge was sealed tight in a plastic container. As we peeled back the plastic cover, we could smell the pleasant scent of chocolate fudge.

With tons of excitement over what it was going to taste like, it was time to cut it up into small pieces. To our surprise, this fudge wasn’t that easy to cut, despite how moist and creamy it was. This stuff stuck to the plastic platter like Gorilla Glue.

The fudge was very sweet, but crumbled easily, once it was removed from it’s packaging. You can tell that’s its very fresh and made with all natural, but expensive ingredients. This fudge wasn’t just about fancy packaging, that used the movie’s fame, just to get you to buy it.

A Christmas Story Fudge Verdict

If you’re into sweets or love fudge, I’d totally recommend this to you. They took great care to make this premium fudge much different than the cheaper massed produced stuff. The packaging is very creative and attracts the target market. That market would be individuals like you and I who grew up watching “A Christmas Story”. The ingredients are very high quality and made with good old fashioned Christmas Story Love. Then again, it’s a small family owned busines that specializes in premium products, such as this.

The story about the company that made A Christmas Story fudge.
The story about the company that made A Christmas Story fudge.

I was also very impressed with how much trouble they went through to ensure that this fudge stayed fresh on the store shelf. It was very hard to open the plastic wrap that covered the fudge. The only way to open it, was to actually cut it with a knife. Plus, I do like the taste of high grade chocolate, so that was a huge plus.

What I didn’t like was how sweet it was. I never liked sweet foods and this was the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted. For this particular reason, I wouldn’t buy it again. But then again, this was an impulse buy and isn’t targeted towards people who don’t like sweet foods.

It was also very hard to cut, due to the fact that it was very thick and moist. I actually lost patience with it, and gave half away to a good friend of mine. He loved this fudge. And so did his wife and son. So, maybe they were the perfect customer for a product like this. Plus they sold every single one on the shelf.



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