Fire pit at aunt May's house.

Fire pit at aunt May’s house

This story happened a few years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday. Me and dad just got a new set of lights for our bicycles and wanted to test them out in the dark to see how bright they were. We decided that after night fall the best place to try them out would be Turning Stone Park off Lake Avenue. This was the perfect place because it runs from Lake Avenue to Lake Ontario and is pitch black at night.
The problem was that it was still day light and it wouldn’t be dark for at least another four hours. In order to waste some time we decided to go to my aunt May’s house and hang out with my cousin Jerry until it got dark. A few hours went by and before we knew it we were sitting next to an amazing fire inside my aunt’s fire pit. The conversation was great and by time it got dark we were having too much fun to even care about testing our new lights out at the park.
Instead we decided to stay with our only concern being the mosquitoes. Of course I had a secret weapon to fight them with a repellent I bought off Amazon called Repel 100 insect repellent.

Repel 100 insect repellent.
Repel 100 insect repellent.

This stuff worked so good, as soon as I put it on the mosquitoes ran for dear life. It ended up being around eleven before we left seeing my aunt had plenty of extra wood laying around her shed.

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