Lock lace shoelaces.

Lock Laces: The no tie shoelace solution.

I’ve been wanting to do this product review for a while but I had to do some real world testing before I could. Whenever I buy a new product that I think I’ll really like I have to try it out for a while to make sure that I definitely like it and this is one product that I like more than anything else I’ve ever bought.
Recently I discovered this product while watching Shark Tank and was completely impressed with it. The product that I saw on
Shark Tank was no tie shoelaces even though they were not the same ones that I bought.

The ultimate test was when I went to NYC and New Jersey traveling about 800 miles round trip. First I took a bus to the Rochester International Airport. Flew out to JFK Airport in NYC. Took the Airtrain to Jamaica Station. Got on the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station. Proceeded to New Jersey on the New Jersey Railroad. I transferred at Secaucus Junction and finished my journey at New Bridge Landing.
That’s a lot of walking, lifting luggage, and passing through airports and stations. These shoelaces are just as comfortable as regular laces but they never need to be tied. All you have to do is just adjust the clip when taking on and off and some shoes don’t even need that. On the sneakers that I wore they worked just like slip on shoes.
These Lock Lace shoe laces are the best product that I ever bought because I never have to worry about my laces coming lose again causing me to trip on them or ending up with dirty shoe laces. I’d highly recommend them.

Lock laces vs regular shoe laces.
Lock laces vs regular shoe laces.

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