As a cyclist do you ever experience sore or numb hands? Being a cyclist myself, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of feeling soreness in my hands, especially after long rides. In todays featured video, GCN (Global Cycling Network) is going to provide 5 tips to help cyclists prevent sore or numb hands.

Here’s what GCN has to say about how Cyclists prevent sore hands

Do you ever get sore hands when riding your road bike? Cyclists often suffer with sore or numb hands for a number of reasons, so we’ve made this video to give you a few tips to help you prevent sore hands and enjoy your riding more!

Hankie says relax!

Newcomers to this sport tend to grip onto the bars too tight. This can be due to nervousness, but if you can, try to relax. Relax your elbow and shoulders. And a good thing to think about is to try to engage your core. Possibly lifting your hands off the bars. This will help take weight off your hands.

Bike set up

Bike set up is incredibly important for preventing injuries. If your new to cycling or have a new bike, it’s highly recommended you get a professional bike fit.

Hand position

The great thing about road bikes is that you can use hand variations. You can use the tops, the flats, or the drops. On longer rides, make sure you mix up your hand positions.

New bars

To go even further to increase comfort, you can even invest in new bars.

Double wrap bars

If your looking to create more comfort on your bars, what you could do is double wrap your bars, like the pros do. All you need is two sets of bar tape. Put one pair of bar tape on, and then overlap with another set of bar tape. This creates more comfort by providing more cushioning.

Tire width

Now if you want to take it a bit further, you can invest in wider tires. Wider tires will allow you to run lower pressures resulting in less punctures and vibrations over rough surfaces.

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