Welcome back to Friday Bike Fun! Today, we welcome back BikeBlogger, who’s going to be giving us 5 tips for bicycle commuting. These tips will help us deal with the sun, which can be dangerous to both cyclists and motorists.

Here’s the 5 Tips for bicycle commuting that will help us deal with the sun

Bikeblogger is right when he says, bicycle commuting during low sun is dangerous and the sun glare is annoying. Plus, it can make out eyes hurt. This is what BikeBlogger suggests you do about the sunlight.

  1. Use bright bike lights. Here’s the bike lights we’ve tested thoroughly the last 3 years, and highly recommend them.
  2. Use a helmet visor and sunglasses. Check out the helmet and sunglasses combination we like the best so far. And for night time riding, we like these clear bicycling glasses.
  3. Ride on quieter roads, and ride where cars expect to see you.
  4. Try to find a route with some shade, and street pointed not directly into the sun.
  5. Schedule your ride when the sun is not lowest in the sky.

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