In this featured video, 2Bikes4Adventure, is going to tell you about a 1.5Kg minimalist bicycle touring wardrobe.

Here’s what 2Bikes4Adventure has to say about the 1.5Kg minimalist bicycle touring wardrobe

A description of the minimalist wardrobe use by Gilbert for bicycle touring.

It covers a temperature range of 0c to 35c (32F to 95F)

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:21 Basic selection criteria
  • 00:57 Bases Layer
  • 02:57 Isolation Layer
  • 03:25 Shell
  • 04:52 Cold Weather
  • 05:22 Hot Weather
  • 05:52 Conclusion

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About 2Bikes4Adventure

2Bikes4Adventure is a YouTube channel created by Pam and Gilbert. They’ve been making videos as souvenirs of their cycling adventures since 2008.

They believe that you can travel the world on bicycle without quitting your day job. They’ve figured out ways to make this work for them and every year they refine their system.


  • Destination based
  • One way travel
  • Pack light

Solution: folding bikes

They hope their touring videos give you some impressions of what fun it is to travel by bike.

To find and contact Pam and Gilbert, check out:


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