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    The Pond In Village Of Suffern, New York

    Big goose at pond in village of Suffern, New York.

    The Village Of Suffern, New York A little over 35 miles north of New York City, lies a small suburban town known as Suffern, New York. I recently spent a little time there, and discovered that, unlike Rochester, New York, where I’m from, Suffern, New York is much smaller. Suffern Has Amazing Wildlife Suffern, New York is filled with lots of wooded areas, and wildlife giving it a peaceful and quiet charm. During a few walks to the downtown area and train station, only a mile away, I saw many amazing animals. I saw chipmunks and groundhogs sneaking between bushes.…

  • A Christmas Story fudge on shelve at Harts Local Grocers.
    Urban Essentials

    A Christmas Story OHHH FUDGE!

    A Christmas Story A Christmas Story is a 1983 American Movie about a nine year old boy named Ralphie Parker. Based upon the 1940’s era, Ralphie reminisces about a Christmas when he wanted nothing more than a Red Ryder BB…

  • Nice historic building.
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    The Ghosts Of Bicycles Past

    A Situation On A Bicycle There I was, huffing and puffing like an old steam locomotive. My legs were burning as if they were on fire. Every single inch that I moved forward was pushed back by hurricane strength winds.…

  • Looking up towards old abandoned steps next to Veterans Memorial Bridge.
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    Mysterious Abandoned Steps

    Visiting The Abandoned Steps Me and my good friend Brompton have passed these mysterious abandoned steps hundreds of times. Each time we’ve went by, I could hear them calling out to me. Please come see me! One day, the voice…

  • Me and dads 7 and 24 speed Raleigh hybrid bicycles side by side.
    City wheels

    Best Bicycle For Commuting

    Bicycles Have Evolved Over the last six years I’ve went through a lot of Bicycles. When I first started Bicycling again, I automatically went with what I was use to. I built up a single speed chromoly BMX. As a…