• Daily Thoughts

    Mom Loves Saving Stray Cats

    Mom holding her cat Mindy.

    Every morning there’s a fur ball ritual that takes place. As soon as my mom opens the outside door, she’s bombarded with big hungry eyes and whiskers. About 7 cats scatter away from the door and follow her like a parade. One by one they chase her into the garage to get something to eat and drink. Mom Knows When To Feed The Kitties The constant meows and rubbing against her legs is a definite signal that it’s time to eat. While pouring the food into the bowls, each cat will fight to get there first. On a few occasions,…

  • Far away view of roll coating wheel.
    Daily Thoughts

    Giant Kodak Film Coating Wheel

    Many years ago Eastman Kodak Company was the largest employer in the Rochester, New York region. Each day thousands of workers would fill the multiple massive buildings that once lined West Ridge Road. This created a wealthy economy living in…

  • close up view of that amazing pre-cooked walmart chicken.

    The Crazy Life Of A Pre-Cooked Chicken

    Now that I’ve gotten your attention, I’m going to tell you a wild chicken story. Don’t worry, it won’t be about a psychotic chicken that pecks and scratches people. Even though I’m sure that’s possible. The story I’m about to…

  • Xootr MG Scooter on chair at restaurant.

    Xootr MG Scooter Night Ride

    Last night I went on a night ride on my Xootr MG Scooter. The night before this I did the same thing. This wasn’t just for commuter purposes but to also put it to the ultimate test. I rode down…

  • Chicken and eggs at Frog Pond restaurant on Park Avenue.

    Froggy Good Food At The Frog Pond

    Whenever I mention a new place, Louie knows we’re not just going to a restaurant. He knows that we’re also going on an adventure. On this particular day we had a completely new place in mind, known as the Frog…

  • Italian ice at Rita’s Italian ice.

    I Love Rita’s Italian Ice

    For the longest time, I’ve been looking for some real authentic Italian Ice. When I discovered Rita’s Italian ice I was ecstatic. On our way to the shop I could feel the excitement running through my veins like lightning bolts.…